Infant Constipation Remedies

Infant constipation is a problem that many infants face during the first few months after the birth. Some easy remedies can offer significant help to handle this condition and regulate the bowel movements of the baby.

With the arrival of the newest member of the family, you will have to face a lot of new situations that you most likely haven‘t been preparing for. One of them is the problem of newborn constipation or infant constipation.

If you are a first time parent, you probably might panic at the thought of your baby being constipated, but often it is nothing really to worry about. Almost 50% of infants go through newborn constipation and it can be treated if you have the right tools.

You will need to watch out for the signs and symptoms of newborn constipation and once you are sure that your baby is constipated, you should start the treatment immediately using some newborn constipation remedies.

Infant Constipation Symptoms

There are many signs that can tell if your baby is constipated or not. Watch out for the following newborn constipation symptoms to make sure your baby is actually constipated.

- Hard and dry stool pellets in the diaper
- Reduction in the baby's bowel movements
- Bloating of the stomach
- Fissures or cracks on the opening of the anus
- Streaks of blood in the stools
- Grunting and crying before passing stools

Infant Constipation Causes

Bottle fed babies are prone to getting constipated since formula milk is hard for them to digest as compared to breast milk. Newborn constipation can also be caused due to a deviation in the baby's diet from breast milk to baby formula or due to dehydration and a change in the components of the baby's diet.

Infant Baby Constipation Remedies

- Giving the baby small amounts of prune juice, in addition to breast milk or formula milk, is a well known newborn constipation remedy.
- Add a little milk of magnesia to the baby's formula food to cure newborn constipation.
- Add a little flax oil to the baby's formula food or water.

If your newborn won’t get help from these home remedies, we strongly recommend for you to get access to the most effective treatment for constipation. It has helped thousands of families with infants and it is your number one choice when wanting complete cure for newborn constipation.